The Westport Playhouse ~ St. Louis

This document explains the rules for Use of the Facility and other Terms & Conditions


We are referred to as ‘Playhouse’ or ‘Company’ or ‘Venue’. You are referred to as ‘Client or Production Company” Below.

Production ‘Run of House” Includes :

  • professional managed ticketing system
  • production (professional lights, lighting operator, and sound engineer)
  • use of video wall for presentations, graphics, videos
  • professional dressing room
  • Front of House Staffing as needed (box office, house mgr, and ushers)
  • Cue management at Company discretion – complex shows require more prep *see below

Not included but available upon request  – may incur additional fees:

  • Advertising Spend (known as Offset Ad Spend – negotiated as needed in advance between Production Company and Playhouse
  • Set
  • Scenic Carpentry
  • Graphics and/or Production design
  • Video Editing
  • Complex lighting setups, cues and cue operations/management

All of the above are available upon request and could incur additional design and prep charges


Agreement  / Event Types

Cost and Splits

Cash Flow and Settlements

Notes and Other Terms

Private Event – Venue Rental

$2500 / day minimum for run of house

50% deposit required, 50% 24 hours prior to event


We offer a grace period if the Client  / Production Company needs to move the date of the event, as long as we have available slots for such change within 30 DAYS of the original date of the event. Client  / Production Company

Cancellations 30 days or more are eligible for 50% refund of initial deposit.

Any cancellations within 30 days are 100% non-refundable. Our show tickets (for paid events) are also nonrefundable.

Outside or 3rd Party Production Company  / Artist Rental

$2500 / day minimum for run of house

50% deposit required, 50% can be paid from ticket sales

Production Company  / Artist keeps 100% of face value of tickets

Playhouse keeps all bar and in-house merch sales, ticket fees

Cancellations 30 days or more are eligible for 50% refund of initial deposit.

Any cancellations within 30 days are 100% non-refundable. Our show tickets (for paid events) are also nonrefundable.

Talent / Production Guarantee

Playhouse pays talent / production company and covers all costs

Deposits to artists as needed, settlement after the show within 48 hrs or less


Draw vs. Door

Playhouse keeps the first $1200 minimum threshold from Gross sales from the event, per day

50/50 split after the minimum is reached


If a film event spans multiple days then the Playhouse cut is higher ($1200 per day min. gross)


Playhouse and Co-Producing Partner split 50/50 from Adjusted Gross*** 

***See below for Adjusted Gross Calculation

How We Calculate Proceeds for Co-Productions


-(minus) 25% Rent Royalty Rate

-(minus) FMF (facility maintenance / ticket fee – generally around $4-6 per ticket)

-(minus) 13% (credit card and sales tax fees)

-(minus) any pre-approved costs (i.e. advanced Production Services, Advertising, and/or Remaining Balance of Use of Venue  / Rental Agreement if applicable)

= Adjusted Gross

Adjusted Gross is split 50/50 with Co-Producing Partner

Settlement calculations and Payments made within 48 hrs on average. On average we expect approx. 25-30% total NET proceeds from Gross Revenue to the Playhouse and 25-30% to the Co-Producing Partner.


Live Streams (if applicable) Gross Revenue is split 70% to Venue, 30% to Production Company

Company Exclusive Revenue:

Venue provides a cash bar for refreshments (open bar available upon request – please call)

Venue keeps all sales and revenue from bar sales, and “Playhouse” merchandise sales.


Use of Facility.  Venue will furnish the Facility to the Client at the venue’s expense.

  1. Condition of Facility.  The venue agrees to provide the Facility for Client’s Services, adequately lighted, suitably equipped with all in house available lighting and sound systems, minimum of (1) dressing room that are clean and in good order, on the dates and times listed above.
  2. Additional Personnel.  The venue will provide personnel to operate the Facility as needed including lighting technician and sound technician, and house manager, security, and other staff
  3. Regulations. The venue agrees that it has obtained all necessary local licenses and abides by fire regulations and all Facility regulations governing stage and house.
  4. Concessions.  The venue has exclusive rights to operate food and beverage concessions during Performances. (see above for ‘cash bar’)
  5. Client Concessions.  N/A
  6. Additional Services / Facilities to be Provided:  (2) Hours Parking Validation for up to 240 event attendees on the day of the event. Proper restroom facilities are provided by Westport Plaza and shall be available 24/7 adjacent to the venue with easy access. Venue is fully accessible for disabled guests.


Technical Elements

  1. Additional Equipment.  The Facility has professional sound, lighting and video playback equipment. We also have a 40′ Video Wall available for shows and events.
  2. Supplemental equipment may be used if agreed upon by both parties in advance and will be the responsibility of the Client, or Client will pay for additional equipment as needed
  3. Reasonable tech riders must be pre-approved and Venue will make reasonable efforts at providing all requirements


  1. Client hereby agrees to assume full responsibility for and to indemnify and hold harmless Lotown Media, LLC., Westport Playhouse, LLC, its officers, agents, and employees, from and against any and all claims, demands, damages, judgments or liabilities (including, but not limited to, liabilities for penalties and reasonable attorney’s fees) of any nature whatsoever resulting from or arising out of any Function/Event including, but not limited to, that resulting from or arising out of:
    1. The unauthorized use of any idea, creation, literary, musical or artistic material or intellectual property in connection with any performance or special events given under this Agreement;
    2. Any act done, omission, or words spoken by the Client, its officers, agents, employees, Clients, independent contractors, during any such Function/Event;
    3. Any damage done to the premises, or any part thereof caused by the act of omission either of Client or any officer, agent, employee, Client or independent contractor of Client, or of any ticket holder or other person admitted to the premises as part of the audience for the Function /Event
  2. It is expressly agreed and understood that Venue shall be in no way responsible at any time for any property on the premises belonging to Client, its employees or to persons admitted or invited by Client to the premises, and Client hereby agrees to save harmless and indemnify Venue from all liability and expenses in relation thereto and from any damage or injury to person or property in any way connected with Client’s conduct or management of the premises.



  1. Strictly non-smoking and non-vaping environment. Smoking may be permitted at designated areas outside of the building or upon management discretion
  2. Proper attire required at management discretion
  3. Animals are not allowed unless approved, with the exception of support animals
  4. We do not tolerate any form of discrimiation, abusive or rude behavior towards guests, employees, patrons, or any staff members at any time. 
  5. Security may be provided at Venue and Management discretion
  6. We do not have closets or coat rooms available for the general guests of the event, however we do have a minimum of (1) dressing rooms with such facilities available for Clients for the duration of the event
  7. Any elaborate or complex sound or lighting programs / cues must be provided and approved ahead of time by Venue and technical management, at discretion of Venue and management, and may incur additional pre-approved costs to Client – *see above

Any claim or controversy arising out of this contract shall be resolved according to Missouri law.


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